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Thread: What security software do you use?

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    HWHT Starter jonlara is on a distinguished road
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    If you want free antivirus then windows defender is best for me. And if your pc is low config, then it will not slow your pc.

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    HWHT Starter Jaahntsol is on a distinguished road
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    In my opinion, Avira free antivirus is one of the best antivirus software. It has a clear and intuitive interface and a strong detection and protection ability. Also, it supports for the intergration with a numerous add-ons. However, the best one of all features is Protection Cloud feature, which creates and shares the repair for a threat found on any of its users computer across all users Avira. Besides Avira, many free antivirus software for Windows are available out there, and they are designed with a impressive features set. Please check the top 5 free antivirus software in 2018, any of them is worth trying.

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