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Thread: Dispelling the Myths: "Unlimited" Bandwidth/Space/Domains

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    Dispelling the Myths: "Unlimited" Bandwidth/Space/Domains


    This is a favorite among some hosts, but you rarely see it offered by the professional hosting services. Why?

    Firstly, think for a minute wether you really need 60gb to store your websites.
    Unless you really keep up with technology, chances are that your hard drive on your home system isn't even that big. Even if you are doing photo albums or software libraries, can you really see yourself filling up 60gb?

    It's all marketing hype. All hosts know that alot of you don't really know how much disk space you need. Most personal websites need no more than about 10mb. More if you are planning an eCommerce site or a graphic intensive site, but rarely will the majority of people need 60GB. In fact, if they truly gave that to you, then they'd be dedicating virtually a single, complete hard drive just for you to use.

    Can you honestly see them doing that for just a few dollars each month?
    So they offer it because it looks good and it sucks you in. But you don't actually need it.

    Most of the time, people actually using that much space are those dealing with illegal software, music or movies. These people cause nothing but headaches for web hosts.

    Servers can be seized, bandwidth frozen, and our whole business shut down.
    Not good for you.

    Additionally, the traffic generated by these sites causes slow downs not only in your download speed, but in disk access time due to the amount of work the hard drives on the servers are having to do to keep up with all the requests.

    Unlimited disk space also poses another significant problem. You may have unlimited space, but the hard drives do not have an unlimited supply. No matter what the host tells you. At some point, it runs out. You then can no longer manage your site - and if the server has not been configured properly (and many aren't), the whole thing crashes because there's no room left for the system to run it's essential tasks.

    More downtime for you.

    How many times have you seen hosts offering "Unlimited Bandwidth" to try and get your attention? Better yet, how many times have you seen something like "120GB for just $8 monthly!"?
    Alot, I bet.

    And while I'd love to believe it were possible too, unfortunately it isn't.

    We're sorry, but bandwidth isn't free, for anyone. Many hosts are now starting to realise that potential cutomers are catching onto this, so they have started watering it down a little. So instead of saying "Unlimited", they are now offering ridiculously large amounts of bandwidth for ridiculously small amounts of money to try and catch you that way.
    It doesn't really matter, it all amounts to the same thing - they're not telling you the whole truth.

    If your host is doing either of these things, then there are two things going on;
    1) They know that most people have no idea how much bandwidth they really need. They also know that most people rarely need more than 20GB, so they take a risk and advertise that they offer "Unlimited" amounts, knowing that most people won't take them up on that offer. In short, it's a marketing ploy and nothing more.
    They can't, and they won't let you use unlimited bandwidth. Why? Because it would cost them a fortune, and potentially cripple their servers.
    Every one of these hosts (and I mean ALL of them), will have a clause in their Terms that states that any customer utilizing excess server resources will have their account suspended. Even we have this clause. If they see a customer actually attempting to take them up on the offer of unlimited bandwidth, the customer receives a polite shut down notice for using excess resources.
    Don't take our word for it, ask around. But ask on forums dedicated to webmasters that have actually tested out the many hosts out there. THESE are the people you can trust.
    Another issue with hosts that make this offer, is that they are prime targets for spammers and other people that want to try and take advantage of that offer (illegal file sharers, hackers etc). This is not good for you if your website is hosted on the same server.

    2)They're doing something to make sure you can't use too much of it.
    This usually involves throttling your download speeds. Sure you can download as much as you want, but you're not going to be able to get much very quickly. You'll still only end up being able to download a predetermined amount each month set by the host, the only difference being that your visitors will have to wait longer for your site to load.


    Many host offering extremely low prices, also offer unlimited domains on all accounts. We're often asked why more expensive hosts don't offer unlimited domains.

    Well, what you may not be aware of, is that every domain a server has assigned to it, increases the size of the configuration files, and hence increases the length of time it takes to read and process these files.
    What this results in is a gradual overloading of the servers processors and memory - thus slowing the system down for everyone.

    Additionally, the increased size of the configuration files means that it can take much longer to resolve your domain names, leaving potential visitors waiting for something to happen. They may even end up leaving before they even see your site, because it hasn't been found yet!

    From http://jnlhost.com/why.html

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    Thanks for this explaining post.

    But i have a question...

    All "Danish" based (datacenters, whatever in denmark offers hosting) gives unlimited bandwidth, and i live in denmark and i currently hosting myself with approx 120gb bandwidh a month. But i arnt charged for it? As i arnt good on this i wonder if its becouse denmark dont charge bandwidth usage or is it somthing else?

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