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Thread: How to decide which Keyword Phrase to use for Permalink?

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    How to decide which Keyword Phrase to use for Permalink?

    I 've got my first guest blog! Yippie! And I don't want to make any mistakes when I just sitting around expert Warriors Will you please help me how do I find the perfect keyword phrase for my permalink? I can't use Google adwords keyword tool since my internet is damn slow. (Now don't laugh about that) Please suggest me any other alternative and tips.

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    Web Hosting Expert RoyCpo is on a distinguished road
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    For this firstly you have to research keywords along with your niche.

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    It is best to use simple, everyday language that searchers are likely to type in. As a general rule, you should include multiple uses of each keyword phrase, enough to be prominent on the page without forcing your keywords into your content. You want it to mention each keyword a couple of times while making sure that it still sounds natural.

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    It depends upon the page which you are planning to include onto your website. For example, if the page is about SEO then make sure you are using SEO related keywords in permalinks and page content as well for better ranking purpose.

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    The keyword should or anchor text should be relevent to what its pointing to. If you are pointing to a page about dogfood on you pet website. You shouldnt use a anchor link saying cat food pointing to it. A ver simple example. So why? A easy way to determin if anchors are right or wrong is this. Would it be useful to a user, would a user feel like the anchor text misled him? Lastly try keeping your anchors relevent to the overall keywords and content of website.

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