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Thread: What are a few of your favorite development tools and why?

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    Hosting Master gurinder1987 is on a distinguished road
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    What are a few of your favorite development tools and why?

    Please guys discuss with me.

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    As a developer I always prefer to code the web page through my hands so as to utilize my own skills for designing a web page, but when I have to meet the deadlines then most of the times I use softwares like dream weaver, CSS, Joomla, eclipse etc to make my work faster as these software have various kinds of tools which makes the work faster and effective and better.

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    HWHT Starter paulstrahann is on a distinguished road
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    united states
    According to me, the dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, photoshop and firebug are the best software tools for web designing because of they are very easy and powerful tools. You can work faster, effective and better with them.

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    HWHT Starter kiplina is on a distinguished road
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    Am a web developer and i always prefer freelancers because it serves with different solution of designing and get lots of online money opportunity.
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    Hosting Master Lebar.123 is on a distinguished road
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    Brackets is the best for Web development, you even have a button for live preview which in my opinion is the best feature to have when you are trying new layouts.
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