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Thread: What is diffrence between Android and Iphone?

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    What is diffrence between Android and Iphone?

    What is difference between Android and Iphone? Tell me.

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    Android is a software mostly used for the mobiles and tablet PCs whereas iPhone is a series of smart phones by Apple. The iPhone is very popular smart phone series all across the world whereas nowadays Android is getting popular for mobile OS and in addition to that, it is available at an affordable and reliable price.

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    Hello friend,

    Android is an application which is being used in a phone. iPhone is a Phone with a multiple application which easier than it already is.

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    You have asked very interesting doubt.
    Android version smart phones are having applications from Google play, means we have to download mobile applications from Google, and Google owns all rights about Android software versions.

    Coming to i phone, i pad, i pod all these products belongs to Apple company. They have their own software and own design, so they are not supporting Android versions.

    This is the difference between android smart phones and i phones.

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    iPhone - It is the flagship phone which is developed by Apple. The idea of multi touch screen that allowed users to directly input data on the screen. It does not need a mouse, keyboard, etc.

    Android- It is the popular open source operating system which is Linux based and was initially designed for touch screen compatible smartphones and tablet computers. It has gained market share by offering customization scalablity and capacity. It is praised for its ability to offer an operating system which is free, and can easily be modified and provide faster upgrades.

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    There are many differences.The main one is ofcourse the operating system.Android is using android OS and iphones are using apple’s IOS. Another difference is customizability of the whole interface.Android is open source and anybody can customize it easy. Other differences are the apps that available for download.

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