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Thread: How long to be included in Google Search Results?

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    How long to be included in Google Search Results?

    Hello everyone,

    I have had a blog now for about 3 weeks and have been adding a lot of new content. The Googlebot has visited my blog but I am still not listed on Google. I have submitted a sitemap as well via Google Webmaster Tools.

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    There’s no guaranteed time-frame for how long it will take for your website or new content to appear in Google’s search results. It can take anywhere from hours to weeks. Google must first index the new information and the time that takes varies according to a number of different factors. It’s ultimately out of your hands, but there are a few measures you can take to help speed up the process like submitting your domain name for index, read on below for more info.

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    It depends on the optimization techniques you follow. It can take a month or two to get your webpages visible on Google SERPs.
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