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Thread: Difference between penguine and panda update ?

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    Difference between penguine and panda update ?

    Panda targeted page content, hitting sites with low quality. Penguin targeted spam - on-site it went after pages overstuffed with keywords and off-site too many exact match back links and links from spammy websites

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    LachlanViner, you are right after panda update is designed to reduce rankings for low quality sites, it provide only it will provide better rankings for high quality sites. And after penguin update black hat seo tactics like keyword stuffing would get a site trouble.
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    The reason behind the panda update was to keep away the sites which has low quality content from the top ranking. The main idea about the penguin update was to penalize the sites which mislead the webmaster rules set by the search engine. It mainly effects the sites which uses the black hat techniques. These are the major difference among panda and penguin.

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    Penguin: Quality Backlinks
    Panda: Quality Content

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    Google Penguin is the latest update to Google’s algorithm. This update is aimed at websites that are using tactics that are considered a way to game Google’s searches. When Google indexes a site, it looks at places for specific keywords, some firms have used this fact and stuffed keywords onto a site, or hidden text from the user, but make it visible to Google, or they get lots of links from illegitimate websites that Google now consider to be spam.

    Google Panda is the change to the algorithm we see that effects a lot of people who have old sites. To understand Google Panda, it helps to understand Google’s core mission. Google wants to deliver the best results for what you are searching. They do NOT want to deliver websites they consider to be low quality and this means when people go to a site from Google’s search, if you go back from that search, Google notices it and pushes you down in the search rankings.

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