We run a consultancy firm in India and provide services for consumers, retailers and manufacturers of alcoholic beverages. We have a site www.tulleeho.com

Currently we are hosted with crystaltech.com and paying a monthly rent of $26.95/month. We are planning to change our host for some reasons and would like to stick to the same amount or less that we are paying them currently.

Here are our requirements:

- 4-5 GB space
- 400 GB monthly bandwidth
- Atleast 1 MS SQL Database and 1 MySQL database.
- A nice webhosting control panel Plesk/Helm/Ensim etc
- Multiple domain hosting. Atleast 8-10
- ASP 3.5, PHP 5.x
- 99.9% Uptime – (We hate downtimes)
- Daily backup – (since this is important to our business)
- Easily upgradable

We will be emailing weekly newsletters to our consumers and that would be around 6000-8000 emails in a day. Since this is not a spam hence this should be allowed.

We would appreciate if you can give us a brief history about your hosting company and for how long you are into this business.

Also, if you can give us a 7 day trial account so that we can test it that would be appreciable.

If we are satisfied, we will be your long term customer.

If you want to get in touch with us then here are our contact details

Email: Shouvik@tulleeho.com
Yahoo/Hotmail Messenger: theextelligence
Mobile: +91.9868060454