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Thread: change the default SSH port 22

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    change the default SSH port 22

    You can change the default SSH port 22 of your server in order to make people difficult to access your server. Port 22 is a standard OPENSSH port on Linuxservers. However, if you wish then you can change this number to some non-standard port by following below steps:

    1. Open /etc/ssh/sshd_config file
    2. Look for line Port 22 and change the new port number.
    3. Restart sshd server.

    Hope this will be helpful.

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    Great, thanks I will try this straight away

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    Nice instruction.

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    A few things that should be mentioned with this as well. Make sure you uncomment the port like for ex. #port 22 should look like port 22 or whatever port you change it to. Also after you restart sshd try and connect to the new port using a new sshd session DON'T close your current session. If you cannot connect to the new port with the new ssh session it means there is a problem. If you would have closed the old session you would be locked out of your server! Also a port above 1024 is the preferred choice when choosing a new port.

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