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Thread: Truxgo Dedicated | Bare ****l Servers - Multiple Locations - Powerful Hardware

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    Truxgo Dedicated | Bare ****l Servers - Multiple Locations - Powerful Hardware

    Dedicated/Bare ****l Servers with

    Rent a Bare ****l/Dedicated Server with Truxgo.
    Truxgo's dedicated services are available on multiple locations worldwide, offering the best speed, hardware and
    With up to 64GB RAM, SSD Storage, multiple CPU support, and different Linux distros (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, etc) or
    Windows, you can choose the best for your needs.
    Twelve Locations to choose from
    Choose your preferred Dedicated location and plan from Truxgo's Data Centers available worldwide, going from USA,
    Netherlands, Korea and Germany, to Hong Kong, Turkey, Egypt and other options to choose from.
    The Best Features
    Truxgo's Dedicated Servers features SSD storage, DDOS protection, 100GPs inbound transfer for FREE, Xeon CPUs, are
    Multi-Platform (you can choose between Windows and Linux), and features Full Admin and Remote Desktop support on
    Windows, Full-Root and SSH on Linux.
    Excellent Support
    All servers are always online, and technical support is available 24/7 thanks to Truxgo's qualified personnel.
    Check out the Bare ****l/Dedicated Server services offered by Truxgo here:
    Truxgo Servers - Dedicated -

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