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Thread: Should I use customs brokers service for my trading business?

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    Should I use customs brokers service for my trading business?

    I'm going to import some goods in USA from my online store, can I create my own shipment? Or are the brokers my only solution?

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    You can try both variants but in general providing your own shipment isn't a good idea for any trading business. The international trading has many customs regulations and it'll be difficult for to monitor always all of them, also you'll pay much more in case of taxes and other fees.
    On the other hand the customs brokers handle a declaration of your shipments through international customs and provide the totally safe, fast, profitable and legal trading with many countries. The qualified brokers provide also all documents preparations, handling all governmental requirements https://clearitusa.com/customs-consulting/, lower taxes and fees, compliance audits, effective solutions for any import/export problems and so on.
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