Hi all,

We are in need to change our current Web Hosting service and we are looking to find a service that has Firebird SQL server in-house. It is a very simple website, files weight about 140 MB and the database about 40 MB. The website was made about 10 years ago, it looks ok for the management and they don't want to invest in developing a new website. VPS is not a choice because it is too expensive. I would be more that thankful for any reply that will make it possible to keep the website up and running for a small company with ~5 employees. Thank you.

This are the Site Tech Reqs:

1. Firebird SQL Server v 2.5+
2. Web-server - Apache 2.2 + nginx 0.8+
3. PHP - 5.3.6+ (interbase module included)
4. Additional php5 modules:

php5-gd 5.3.5-1
php5-imagick 3.0.0~rc1-1
php5-interbase 5.3.5-1
php-http 1.4.1-1
php-http-request 1.4.4-3
php-net-socket 1.0.9-2
php-net-url 1.0.15-2
php-pear 5.3.5-1
php-apc 3.1.3p1-2
php5-ffmpeg 0.6.0-2

*The website is based on Smarty templates.