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Thread: Do you control your children computer activities?

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    Do you control your children computer activities?

    How do you do this? Are your methods effective?

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    Yes, I think that every responsible parent should do this till teenage years of his children. Gadgets are a really cool and very helpful things in our modern world but in case of children who can't understand fully
    all risks connected with them and control themselves, they can become much more harmful than helpful. And that's why some help and control from their parents are so important.
    In my opinion the best strategies are setting limits for children general screen time, teaching how to use gadgets and net wisely, and explaining about their benefits and risks. It's important to warn children about possible web dangers too like scam, cyberbullying, avoiding sharing with photos and personal information in net etc.
    Various parental control software like a free keylogger https://www.refog.com/free-keylogger/, various programs and apps like Net Nanny, Family Shield, Windows Live Family Safety, Kidlogger and so on are very helpful for such purposes too because with them parents can monitor all children gadgets activities and block all inappropriate web resources for them. Such programs usually work in hidden mode, they aren't a problem for browsing other allowed websites and are really hard to circumvent even for the technically skilled teenagers.
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