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Thread: how to create dofollow backlinks?

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    Web Hosting Expert MVMInfotech18 is on a distinguished road
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    how to create dofollow backlinks?

    how to create dofollow backlinks?

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    SuperExpert RepriseH is on a distinguished road
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    Do follow backlinks can be created using various off page techniques like:

    Guest posting
    Article submission
    Press release submission
    Social bookmarks
    Classified ads
    Infographics submission
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    There are many ways in which you can get DoFollow links, however, getting high authority and highly trusted DoFollow links is a different matter entirely.

    To be honest, I’ve done backlink prospecting/backlink acquisition for a while and I would suggest that if you haven’t tried it before, at least outsource the task for the first time and observe what kinds of backlinks a professional backlink acquisition/building company can get for you.

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    I want to tell you How to create Dofollow Back links

    First you search High PA DA Sites regards your website

    Like as a Relevancy, Authority, and Uniqueness Sites For your site

    If you try above points for your site surly you will get benefits for your website

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    1.Microsoft calm: They provide a Dofollow Backlinks so if you want to create a backlinks from
    Microsoft command.

    First you need to go to at microsoft.com. Once you reach there you need to sign in with your Microsoft account after sign a go to your profile and click on edit profile once. It’s clicks you, can change your display name, about me, signature, link title and link URL you in link title you can submit anything and link URL you need to enter the URL of you blog.

    If you are create a high-quality backlinks from Microsoft.com. Just create a new account and edit your profile you can get only one backlink from one single accounts.

    2.Trell.co: You can visit this website and create a new account and other section enter the URL of your backlinks you can get as many backlinks you want from promote this website.

    This is also a high quality dofollow backlinks you can get from trell. So just go to Trell and create as many add dofollow backlinks for your site and boost your ranking for free.

    Read Also : Importants of Backlinks
    3. Storify: It is also one of the high quality dofollow backlinks creator of your site. We can create an account on Storify and then go to Storify hot comment. Click on account for yourself once you have created account just go to your profile. Just enter your website link and they provide 1, 2 full dofollow backlinks for one account.

    4.Dmoz.com: Dmoz is a very old blog submission site it’s pretty tough to get backlink to your site. if you get a backlink from DMOZ then your site will rock it for sure. Visit DMOZ.com and select the categories which is your website is about. Select the inner category, you can also find your competitor link over there. Then click suggest URL from top menu finally enter your URL, Title, description and click submit that’s it all done.

    5.Onemission.com:This website is pretty old one but getting backlink to your website is very easy and you can access the whole site once you get the editor roll. Visit the site choose category. Register for Editor Roll here.

    6.Google plus is a powerful website we can easily get do follow link from google plus profile. If you have google plus account already then follow this step. If you don’t have simply sign up now and follow this below steps.
    Go to your Google plus account and edit about section.
    Edit about section with few text along with your website link.
    There is no restriction to add link in your about section you can add many backlink as much as you want.


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    Web Hosting Expert RoyCpo is on a distinguished road
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    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    social media
    article submission and marketing
    press release
    link exchange
    guest posting

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