If you searching on Google, Yahoo, bing Free Image Hosting sites, then you find right to post on this forum, We may have discovered the most annoying thing on Earth! The situation is as follows: youíve worked countless hours on shooting an event, commercial or artistic project. The day to send the photos to your client has arrived. You prepare a cup of hot coffee, turn on your computer andÖ nothing, nada, zip. The desktop is dead and unlike Jon Snow, thereís absolutely no chance that it will resurrect anytime soon. Which means that your files are lost. Forever.

In order to save on server resources, itís can be a good idea to put your images somewhere else. There are a bunch of different hosts out there for images, and Iíve looked for some of the best.

Normally, I would suggest a CDN. A content delivery network like Amazonís CloudFront or Akamai are good options. The trouble is, theyíre also complex. Just look at CloudFrontís pricing! Itís hard to even know where to start. Itís a lot easier to just throw your images up on a pic host and go from there.