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Thread: What is best hosting for an IT company?

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    Hosting Master jasmin.london is on a distinguished road
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    What is best hosting for an IT company?

    Software company means working on application development, maintenance and supply. It needs different kinds of hosting like shared, dedicated, vps erc. what is the best hosting for an Information Technology company requirement?

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    Hosting Master Loksten is on a distinguished road
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    I strongly believe that Mechanicweb.com team of professionals will meet your expectations.
    Uptime is high enough (no downtime noticed). Support replies fast with no delays. Also they have really nice prices for such a level of the service.

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    Hosting Guru brexit is on a distinguished road
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    It depends on your needs. But be prepeared also to pay for hosting.
    When choosing hosting for your website you need to take into account a few factors -
    how big is your website and how much traffic it gets, does it need a really high level of security and of course, you need to set a budget.
    Make sure that the hosting services, which you'll choose, will be scalable, so you can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan when you need to.
    My advice is to take a look at the hosting services provided by Zomro.net, as they are very reliable and come at reasonable prices.
    Zomro net Virtual hosting VDS VPS Dedicated servers domains ftp storage
    All is well

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    Hosting Guru swipka777 is on a distinguished road
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    New York
    Save yourself from the frustrations and limitations that included with free hosting and try a paid host.

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    Hosting Master Jaahntsol is on a distinguished road
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    Google Cloud Platform fits all requirements of an IT company. At this moment, it offers $300 free trial for every account.

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    HWHT Addict VPS9.net is on a distinguished road
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    Hosting service depends on your requirements.
    • If your website is static i.e. information based, shared hosting is preferred.
    • If website is e-commerce based, go for VPS
    • Website with heavy database should be hosted on servers.

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    Hosting Guru Akshay_M is on a distinguished road
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    What is the best car for a driver? It depends on what are your criteria of being best.

    Must your web apps be written in Java?
    Maybe you are a .NET developer?
    Do you have a budget of less than $5 a month?
    Do you want a 99.999% SLA?
    Do you need a 200ms response in the UAE?
    Do you even know how to run bash commands?
    Are you under specific regulatory constraints?
    As you can see, the very definition of best will likely result in totally different answers.

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