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Thread: What is psychology of shapes in logo design?

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    What is psychology of shapes in logo design?

    I read somewhere about 'psychology of shapes in logo design', very interesting article. They clearly mentioned about feelings of people, emotions and how it will be related to logo design. Icons and shapes that indicates some sort of meanings, it's really great. Colors and their expressions like white for peace, red for violence, blue for friendship etc.,

    What kind of psychology you follow while designing logo design shapes?

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    When people view different shapes and colours a number of psychological processes occur. By selecting the colours and shapes which elicit the desired response, logo designers are able to influence the way people feel about their design and ultimately how they view the brand the logo stands for. This process doesn’t happen by chance, however. Successful logo designers are all well aware of the resonance their designs have and how these can change according to variables such as age, gender, and culture.

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    Shape is of utmost importance to logo design, and to art and design in general. The human brain is hard-wired to understand and memorise shapes: it’s how we learn things. A distinctive shape is stored in the memory long after we see it and the ability to create a new shape that people will remember is the mark of a great logo designer. The McDonald’s Golden Arch, The Nike Swoosh, The Olympic Rings: all of these are examples of memorable logos.

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