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Thread: protection from hackers

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    HWHT Starter stevesmith is on a distinguished road
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    protection from hackers

    If i am a new beginner in website making, than How can we protect our website from hackers ?

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    Hosting Guru Petersehene is on a distinguished road
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    Well a super quick guide to mistakes people make.
    Make your passwords and usernames hard , people really underestimate the value of this.
    Change them often and use two step verification where you can on your websites.
    If you are using third party plugins or external scripts make sure that they are from trusted sources.
    Make use of a content deliver network like cloudflare.
    Keep your desktop virus free and your browser with a shield as well as you email accounts, most hacking starts away from a website, it could be a program you downloaded a spam email , a dodgy website that plants a virus on your computer that will wait for you to enter you info into a website and then send it off.

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    HWHT Starter naomii is on a distinguished road
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    Now a days there are so many hackers who try to access our data and our important and critical information. So you need to simply use a good antivirus with all kind of protection so that you will never face any kind of problem.

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    Hosting Guru Jaahntsol is on a distinguished road
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    I run a WordPress website and personally, I take the following actions to improve server and website security.

    1. Use the strong password and change it regularly.
    2. Install iptables for server security.
    3. Install SSL certificate to encrypt data.
    4. Keep plugins and themes up to date.
    5. Install the WorsPress security plugins like Wordfence security.
    6. Update WordPress in time.
    7. Backup your site regularly.

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