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Thread: Which is the popular tool to track your website visitors?

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    Hosting Guru sonamsharma is on a distinguished road
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    Which is the popular tool to track your website visitors?

    Hello friends,

    Which is the popular tool to track your website visitors?

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    HWHT Starter HostBill is on a distinguished road
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    At HostBill we have a free Geolocation plugin that will enable you to get information about your client current location. Based on that knowledge, the plugin will automatically select client’s currency and preferred language. The plugin will also list payment gateways available for the location and limit access to selected gateways.
    Our Live Chat module with its GeoIP database can also track your visitors' location with 96% accuracy. The tool gives you information not only about the visitor’s country, region and city, but also browser and operating system, IP and hostname. You can also view visitor location on Google Maps from the chat interface. The real-time footprint information that Live Chat provides can help you learn how visitors use your website. It also provides referral information (lets you know where your clients come from) and google-search keywords information. Furthermore, the module measures time spent on site for every page visited and auto-recognizes returning visitors and registered customers. You can use Live Chat on multiple websites with just one backend/admin panel.
    If you want to find out more you can visit our website https://hostbillapp.com/
    HostBill - Billing, Automation, Support & Client Management Software for Web Hosting Industry - hostbillapp.com

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    Some of the popular tools to track website visitors :
    AWStats : AWStats comes pre-installed by many web hosting companies

    Google Analytics: Google Analytics is arguably the most popular analytics package available for individual site owners.

    But recently i found a tool, which is best in features - Heatmaps
    Heatmaps help you visualize where visitors click and in which sections of the page they lose interest. VWO's dynamic heatmaps help you browse pages on your website while focusing on how visitors interact with these pages.

    I suggest you to check with Heatmaps , hope this may give you better results

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    SuperExpert RepriseH is on a distinguished road
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    Google analytics is the most popular tool to track website visitors and their behavior.
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