Mobile gadgets have proved to be a key influence in customer interaction and engagement with brands around the world. However,
for the majority of individuals and professionals for internet marketing, the concept of “micro-moments” is the most surprising thing,
which has powered the shift to mobile phones.

From long-term objectives like planning to buy a home, or something as small as getting a quick grocery from the nearest store, or
even locating the ingredients of a dish from your phone, etc., countless of these micro-moments stimulate the impulse to reach out
for our mobile phone. According to the experts, micro-moments are highly critical and evaluative touchpoints where customers expect
brands to cater their needs with reliable information, regardless of the time and location.

Every time a customer feels the need to find out about something, a surprising 96% of users reach for their Smartphones to perform
the required research at that very moment. Only thriving brands have the propensity to appropriately anticipate and address the precise
micro-moment needs by offering the right information at the right time to the customer in need.

For successful internet marketing, a handy, swift and one-touch access to the required information becomes the basis of
acquiring customer trust and building long-lasting relationships.

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