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Thread: 20% off for LIFE on Quality Hostforweb.com CLOUD Hosting Deals| Great Uptime!

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    20% off for LIFE on Quality Hostforweb.com CLOUD Hosting Deals| Great Uptime!

    For those webmasters, who are looking for reliable CLOUD Hosting Deals, Hostforweb.com is the BEST Solution.

    HostForWeb, Inc is Chicago's premier hosting provider, providing reliable, scalable solutions for customers of all sizes and services. Located in the carrier-neutral Equinix Chicago Data Center, HostForWeb, Inc has access to all the major carriers in Chicago without the need for local loop circuits. We started this company with one goal in mind: to provide reliable hosting solutions paired with excellent customer service.

    What is cloud hosting?

    Cloud hosting technology is the newest generation of web hosting, through which clients are able to lease a virtualized, dynamically scalable structure on an as-need basis. It surpasses all other solutions in terms of speed, reliability, pricing and convenience. Unlike a dedicated server, with which users must pay for the entirety of the server's resources in order to ensure that they are available during high traffic periods, the cloud server makes these resources available on demand and puts them to use elsewhere when traffic dies down, meaning that you to pay only for what you use.

    ===>>> SPECIAL!!! USE THE CODE: "code2018" !!! HURRY UP (Time Limited) !!!
    It gives 20% permanent discount for all servers except dedicated!

    CHECK OUT Hostforweb CLOUD VPS Solutions :

    Storage - 30GB SSD
    Bandwidth - 2TB
    RAM - 1GB
    1 vCPU
    Price per month - $10

    Storage - 40GB SSD
    Bandwidth - 3TB
    RAM - 2GB
    1 vCPU
    Price per month - $20


    A managed cloud hosting solution will give you all the advantages of a cloud server, including full scalability, rapid deployment of computing resources, high performance and service reliability. In addition, it will save you the hassle of managing your server, because we'll take on all the work. Go ahead, take advantage of us.

    CHECK OUT Hostforweb MANAGED CLOUD Solutions :

    Storage - 60GB SSD
    Bandwidth - 2000GB
    RAM - 2048MB
    Price per month - $41.96

    Storage - 80GB SSD
    Bandwidth - 3000GB
    RAM - 4096MB
    cVPUs/Ghz: 4/3.6Ghz
    Price per month - $55.96


    Why CHOOSE US?
    • Self-healing Hardware - We store your cloud server centrally, unconnected to the cloud nodes it runs on, and back it up by a seamless failover process. In the highly unlikely event of a node failure, your system is automatically restarted.
    • Scale on Demand - Whatever computing resources you require, (RAM/CPU/Storage), we make them automatically available on demand. Your site will never go down due to high traffic.
    • Fastest in the Industry - Our network infrastructure is redundant, transparent and always available, providing you with a solution that is 10X faster than the average dedicated server.
    • Free Migration Assistance - If you have a pre-existing site with another hosting company, we will gladly take care of your migration process, free of charge. Our customer service representatives are available every hour of the day, every day of the week.
    • 24/7/365 Customer Support - We make a point of being available to our customers when they need us, and not a moment later. No matter when you want help with your server, we'll be there - that's a promise.
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed - We're so sure you'll love our services that we provide you with a 30 day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.
    We've enjoyed much growth over the years, but that goal has never changed. We can guarantee that no matter how much we grow or what success we enjoy, we will never be led astray from our purpose. We owe everything to our customers, and we will continue to show our appreciation with our reliable solutions and our top-of-the-line service.

    Contact information:
    Mailing/Remittance Address HostForWeb Inc, 7061 N. Kedzie
    Room 302, Chicago IL 60645

    With HostForWeb's cloud services, you’ll have industry leading performance, security, capability and fault tolerance working for you. We know you deserve the best for your hosting, so why not pick us?
    HostForWeb.COM - Ultra Fast Hosting Solutions.
    Twitter @ Twitter
    Facebook @ HostForWeb | Facebook

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    May bom nuoc dien chim Tan Huynh Chau chuyên bán may bom nuoc dien chim dan dung chúc công ty của bạn l*m việc th*nh công v* nhớ ủng hộ dịch vụ mình nha

    Tân Huỳnh Châu nh* sản xuất máy bơm nước số 1 của VN trong lĩnh vực máy bơm điện chìm, bơm nước hỏa tiễn, bơm nước giếng khoan thả sâu :
    Địa chỉ : 31B Nguyễn Văn Bứa, Ấp 5, Xuân Thới Sơn, Hóc Môn, TP.HCM
    Điện thoại : 1900 066 667 Fax : (+84) 028 3713 9813
    Website : http://www.tanhuynhchau.com

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