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Thread: How to protect database from hackers ?

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    How to protect database from hackers ?

    hii guys,

    how i can protect our database.....

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    HWHT Addict benben1 is on a distinguished road
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    -Rather than monitor your network, where rogue users can gain untraceable access to your data, monitor your financial databases. Make sure your tools can identify, provide alerts and help you respond to unusual activities on a near real-time basis.
    -Many databases are vulnerable to unauthorized access due to insufficient patch levels or the use of default or weak passwords. These conditions can leave the door open to unauthorized users who bypass application-level controls and directly alter data.
    -Database access rights must be regularly reviewed and, if need be, revised to ensure user rights are consistent and properly limited. This is especially important given the rise of self-service applications and direct customer access.
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    1. Stay updated.
    2. Toughen up access control.
    3. Update everything.
    4. Tighten network security.
    5. Install a web application firewall.
    6. Install security applications.
    7. Hide admin pages.
    8. Limit file uploads.
    9. Use SSL.
    10. Remove form auto-fill.

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    Some of the important steps to be taken for protecting your database are:

    Keep platforms and scripts up-to-date
    Install security plugins, when possible
    Use HTTPS
    Use parameterized queries
    Use CSP
    Make sure your passwords are secure
    Lock down your directory and file permissions

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    File and network services permissions play a vital role in web server security. If a web server engine is compromised via network service software, the malicious user can use the account on which the network service is running to carry out tasks, such as execute specific files. Therefore it is very important to always assign the least privileges needed for a specific network service to run, such as web server software.

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