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Thread: service for programmers

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    Hosting Guru Hrull is on a distinguished road
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    Sep 2014

    service for programmers

    Hi there!
    I'd like to recommend you decent service provided by bithost.io which resells digitalocean hosting accepting bitcoins and other on a hourly billing terms.
    They have cool deals suitable for those who want to pay with BTC.
    Their service is very useful and I hope it will help you.

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    Hosting Guru Sinner is on a distinguished road
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    Sep 2014
    For sure getting bithost.io service would be really useful for those who needs digitalocean based hosting to buy with crypto-currency on an hourly billing for instance developers to test their applications. Attractive and unique offer.

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    Hosting Guru Ajstewart is on a distinguished road
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    Sep 2014
    I'd like to admit that bithost.io service is decent. They are offering attractive solutions for lots of professionals and have nice terms.

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    Hosting Guru OliverHunt is on a distinguished road
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    at home for sure
    According to my experience bithost.io is service provider with good reputation. My friend told me they are accepting bitcoins and you can get their service for like a couple hours just to test something like app or website how it works, thats cool as for me.

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    HWHT Starter alexalex is on a distinguished road
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    Thanks for sharing this service. I highly appreciate the info like this. I'm a total newbie to web design. I've been developing a website for a farm business from one of these cattle farm equipment store wordpress themes . It works great for me.

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    Hosting Guru MarkJ90 is on a distinguished road
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    Oct 2017
    Thank you, this is information is very helpfui.
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