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Thread: Looking for US Reseller Account

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    Hosting Master Matoskep is on a distinguished road
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    Looking for US Reseller Account


    I am helping a friend who currently has a cpanel reseller account with a provider and his is having issues with slowness, and the server that he is on shows high usage.

    He is looking around for a new Reseller Account in the US.

    He currently pays around $100 US a year for the following

    - 25GB HDD
    - 250GB Bandwidth
    - cPanel Control Panel
    - Unlimited Domains, Subdomains, MySQL Databases etc
    - 1 Dedicated IP Address
    - 40 Accounts

    Also looking at some type of backup if a provider provides this service.
    Any info on glowhost.com reseller web hosting deals? Are they reliable?
    If Providers could let me know what deals you have please email me or private message me.


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    HWHT Addict printersheets is on a distinguished road
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    Website hosting is more accessible than ever before in the history of the internet. There's no need to be a programming genius or a code expert. As a matter of fact, you don't need to know any of that. With the customer support capabilities and instant information access, anyone can get a website started.

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    Hosting Master Loksten is on a distinguished road
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    Happy using Aspnix.com service. Suppose their reseller hosting deals will work fine for your needs.
    I am not an expert in web hosting and can say that all problems have been solved as soon and nicely as i could expect, with a real-time support.
    Extremely fast response time to issues as well as problem resolution.

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    Hosting Guru OliverHunt is on a distinguished road
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    at home for sure
    According to my experience Aspnix.com is the best option to get hosting solutions. Reliability is highest, support is helpful and prices are reasonable, you can use them for sure.

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    Hosting Guru Bagdlonk is on a distinguished road
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    You can take a look at hostforweb.com reseller hosting deals - the code WINTER gives 30% off.
    I decided to share my experience dealing with them. When I contacted them, they explained me everything in details and offered me a helping hand to setup my web site.

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    HWHT Addict Hostingsource is on a distinguished road
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    What is their policy if you need to change your hosting configuration mid-contract? For example, if you start out in a shared server configuration and need to move to a dedicated or VPS environment during your contract term, is that allowed? Are there penalties?

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