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Thread: a beginners guide to web designing

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    HWHT Addict Dopild is on a distinguished road
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    Thank you a lot for the thread about website design here. I am creating a website with the help of some fashion website templates from https://www.templatemonster.com/cate...ite-templates/ and I think that such tips will be very helpful to me. I hope that I will manage to create a great website now

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    Web Designing is being there in the market since a really long time.It have been a world changing thing in IT sector and have taken over the market.Web designing have been influencing many generation since it have been introduced.Web designing provides people a platform to express there self or we can say to promote their self as well.

    Now a days web designing is one the most important thing in everybody’s life as everyone is doing everything and every task online.Every application we work on is part of web designing. Web designing is providing people a platform where they can promote their business online and let more people know about it just under one click.In general one person can promote its business to an limited extent but through web designing he can promote it world wide by creating business sites.web designing has made people’s life way more less complicated as it provides us all facilities just under a click.

    Web designing
    is not only helpful for business point of view but it is one of the biggest educational source world wide.Half of the world is gaining knowledge from educational websites. Web designing is a free educational source for lot of needy people out there which provides free online course.

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    I'm not a professional web designer but from my own experience with making sites (I've made several of them already) I can recommend you such platforms as WordPress, Wix, Weebly and Bluehost. All of them are really nice for making good sites, Wix and WordPress are free and last two ones are very cheap in case of prices, using them will cost no more than $12 per month.
    If you don't have any skills in web building, than WordPress can be the best choice for you. It's a very convinient one and also easy for using even for beginners, besides there's really much useful info in net about using of this platform With all that platforms your other main tasks will be registration of unique domain name, preparing content, making design and advertising if your site belongs to commercial type.

    Employing freelancer is necessary if uniqueness of design is a very important thing for you, however if your budget is limited, you won't get anything very cool in this case. Custom-designed websites are really difficult for building, the process of making such site will take really much money and time, this type is usually the best decision for big business but not independent non-commercial projects. That's why web
    templates are often recommended as a good alternative by many professional web builders. There's a great variety of their designs for many platforms and you can easily adjust them to your needs with your own hands and general process will take no more than a couple of days. Templates aren't expensive too, besides there are many resources with free ones too. It's the same for many other types of web design content and tools like various images, stock photos bundles and fun fonts https://masterbundles.com/fun-fonts-...ium-fun-fonts/.

    With all that cheap/free tools your only expensive thing can be online advertising, a professionally made one is really an expensive thing.
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    HWHT Starter HelenH is on a distinguished road
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    Great guide! Thanks

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