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Thread: Enjoygaming.info is looking for lots of staff.

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    Banned Keuzeserver is on a distinguished road
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    Enjoygaming.info is looking for lots of staff.

    All staff applications are on volunteers base.
    If you would like to be a part of our international team, please let us know here or by emailing at owner at enjoygaming.info.
    It doesn't matter where you come from, you just need to know some basic english. Your sex or age doesn't matter either.
    Every staff member get's its own @enjoygaming.info e-mail address and 25mb webspace on a subdomain with 37 pre-installed scripts like phpwebsite and phpbb.
    Our website is gona (still under construction, im kind of a noob with building sites) be about gaming and everything else in live.
    We also offer 25mb webspace on a subdomain (with ads).
    On our forums it will be posible to talk about a lot of webstuff too.

    This are the staff applications.

    web-designers (5)
    Grafix-designers (5)
    Moderators (10)
    Administrators (2)

    I will try to update this is many as I can.
    We do not make any money with this website, its just for the fun of it.

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    HWHT Starter Evandoyle is on a distinguished road
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    Enjoygaming info is looking for lots of staff. Enjoying at more points is important for all the staff where we demand academized review and start to become ready and make for more enjoy gaming and it is good for all the staff.

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