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Thread: Ban an IP Address From The Server

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    Ban an IP Address From The Server

    Have a user that keeps hammering your FTP or trying to login over and over and over again that you just want to ban and never see again? We'll show a quick and dirty method to ban an IP address from the server.

    We commonly receive questions like:
    "I would like to ban that ip address to prevent the access to the server.

    how can i ban that Ip address from the server?"


    1) Login to the server as and su - to root.

    2) If you are running iptables, you can enter:

    iptables -A INPUT -s <IP> -j DROP

    3) If you have APF firewall installed

    apf -d <ip>

    4) When you reboot this IP ban will be removed, meaning the IP will no longer be banned anymore.
    If you have APF you can get around this by opening the deny hosts file.

    pico /etc/apf/deny_hosts.rules

    Scroll to the bottom and paste in the IP address.
    Ctrl+X then Y to save the changes and exit.

    5) Restart APF
    /etc/apf/apf -r

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    Thanks for the informative thread. To someone like me without the coding skills, it is too complicated. I use a control panel which intergrates with iptables for doing this. It enables me to easily block the naughty IP addresses and ports after I set up iptables rules.

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