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Additional rules for the Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Dedicated Hosting forums

Additional rules for the Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting and Dedicated Hosting forums. If you wish to praise a web host or warn people about a bad web host you can't be anonymous. Post your own URL (webaddress), otherwise your post will be deleted. Hosts are welcome to participate on the Paid Hosting forum, but are not allowed to start new threads or advertise their business by plugging their company and/or URL. Hosts are allowed to post answers about their company and services if asked by someone on the board. They are also allowed to reply to a request for hosting services if the following conditions are met: When answering a request, you must include 1. The URL to the plan 2. The price 3. Describe or name the features that match the original request. For instance, if someone asks, "Which webhosts offer 12 gigs of traffic?" If you offer such a package or know someone that does, you may respond only if you describe what you offer in that message in the format described above. Simply saying "we offer what you want, visit our site" is clearly spam and is not allowed. Hosts may NOT respond to general questions posted by members who are looking for advice/opinions/suggestions/recommendations on which host to choose. For instance, if someone asks, "I need at least 20 MB and FrontPage 98 support for less than $15, which host do you recommend?", then clearly this question is not directed to a webhost. It is directed to other webmasters who would be able to recommend a service. Feel free to recommend other hosts which might meet the person's needs. Obviously web hosts are not allowed to post "how does this offer we have sound?" To be fair, new or possible future hosts are not allowed to do this either unless they stay completely anonymous. (That means no url, no host name, no name, no email address etc.) If you are a webhost you may not post bad comments about other hosts. We have special rules for the Webhosting Offers forum which include: 1. Only one new thread per week per host allowed 2. Don't push your own thread up 3. Web hosts are not allowed to reply to another web hosts thread

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