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09-21-2005, 03:22 PM

Notepad, or any word processing program

Step 1

Okay, so you are here to learn about PHP basics. The first thing I will introduce to you is the <?php and the ?> commands.



<?php = this is the opening tag for a PHP code, just like <html>
?> = this is the closing tag for a PHP code, lust like </html>

Now I will introduce the ECHO and Print commands:


echo ("Hello World");


echo = that is the echo statement
(" = your opening tag, anything between the (" and ") is what will be echo'd
") = closing tag
; = end of the line and on to a new command

You can also use the PRINT command, it serves the same purpose as the echo command.


echo ("This is a message using ECHO");
print ("This is a message using PRINT");


That is it. You can use the INCLUDE command to display files as well. Like lets say your navigation is always changing because of your content, and you don't want to update each page changing the navigation bar. So what you do is, save your navigation bar in a separate file, such as navigationbar.html and then in your main document put:


include ("navbar.html");


Now you know some basics to help your website using the PHP web language. (make sure your server supports PHP)

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