View Full Version : Feedback on a Free tool to help you build relationships with your visitors

10-22-2007, 02:32 AM
I have been working on building a tool to help webmasters chat with visitors to their websites using their existing Jabber compatible IM client i.e (iChat, Adium, Pidgin, Meebo, Trillian, etc). It's coming along, but I think the feature set could still use some improvement. I'd appreciate your feedback as web hosts what you would want in both a Free livehelp tool to give to your clients, as well as, as to use yourself.

I know I've tried a lot of livehelp systems, and I really like the way hab.la works, of course I lead it's development, so I am definitely not neutral.

Anyway I'd appreciate any feedback you could give me at this stage.

haha.. I almost forgot the URL: http://www.hab.la