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12-04-2014, 01:39 PM
Managing your private /public cloud servers and ensuring that if offers higher levels of security can often be a task that haunts most of the cloud users. Complexity and lack of skills in managing security groups often leaves most of the clouds users in dismay and frustration eventually leading to a catastrophe.

At Datasoft we understand that security is of vital essence for smoother and secure performance of your servers, we recommend the cloud server users to follow these simple tips that will extend your cloud servers increased levels of security.

1. Check your firewall settings At Datasoft we offer an added layer of protection to your cloud servers with an individual firewall each for your private/public cloud servers. Make sure your firewall settings and take a closer look at your port settings to close any ports that are not required to be left open.

2. Do regular security updates Datasoft offers its customers easily manageable consoles for your cloud servers that will help you make regular security updates. Deploying security updates in a well scheduled and timely manner lowers the security risk to your cloud servers.

3. Design and follow a strict password policy Having a good password policy in terms of Keeping strong password length with good mix of characters, frequently changing passwords and minimizing the age of passwords , encrypting the password database, enforcing password history by not using the passwords repeatedly are some of the ways you can follow a strict password policy.

4. Consider advanced protection packages like DDOS protection If your cloud servers are running websites or other applications which are live and also comprise mission critical data cloud users can resort to advanced DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection at an extra cost. Datasoft offers DDOS protection packages at reasonable cost.

The above tips represent ways in which cloud users can minimize the risk to their private/public cloud servers. However, it is also important that these servers are closely and regularly monitored and any emergencies that effect the security of the cloud servers are quickly attended. At Datasoft www.datasoft.ws we offer 24*7 online customer support to help our customers allow them to enjoy their peace of mind.

Visit us at www.datasoft.ws and Take our 5 day FREE TRIAL** today! We know our customers need to try before they PAY, As we always believe in customer satisfaction comes from mutual trust.

12-24-2018, 06:44 AM
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Thank you for this information.

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I have been scouting for several cloud servers and looking for the most secure. Each one has some flaws but I'm hoping to find one soon that's good enough for me. I forgot the name of the cloud server that I chose for the game animal jam (https://sites.google.com/view/animaljam-pc) and so far, it's doing alright for me.