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08-04-2006, 02:17 PM
Inline or iframes are ones which appear on a page, much like an image or a table would. This allows you to open complete separate pages in the middle of your site

<Iframe src="page.html" name="___" frameborder="0" height="___" width="___" scrolling="___"></iframe> 1. Src="" between the "" you put the file name for example mypage.html and in side the frame it would load that page.
2. Name="" between the "" yo put the name of the iframe incase you want to link to the iframe.
3. height="" & width="" you put the size you want the iframe for example 100px and 500px.
4. Scolling="" you put yes to get scrollbars in them and no for just the box. To link to an iframe the code is <a href="pagename.html" target="insert name of frame here">link me</a> :: Iframes attributes :: frameborder="0"
setting the border to 0 gets rid of it, allowing the page to seamlessly integrate with your main page. Possible values are 1 (yes) and 0 (no), you cannot give it a bigger border. marginwidth="x"
adds a margin to the sides of the framed page.

adds the margin to the top and bottom of the framed page. Added to any margins you've given the pages in their <body> tags.

if the framed page is too big for the dimensions you've specified a scrollbar will appear. This attribute will stop this from happening.

like the image attribute, this will affect how the text around the frame aligns itself.

sets a margin of white space around the frame to the sides.

sets a white-space margin to the top and bottom.