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01-22-2006, 01:30 PM
Better your defences. With daily updates about how hackers break and how viruses spread, yes you do need to be careful, for yourself.

You may not be having much important material on PC but you have to ensure that you do not get used to carry out illegal activities by someone. Shocked ! yes its possible and thus advisable to have better defenses.

What defenses do we need ?

We need a firewall, antivirus, adblocker, malware blocker.

Firewall = It will block access in and out of your PC for any software/human you deem or wish not to.
Firewalls don't stop viruses and they are loyal idiots.
They will only abide by what you say and beyond that they just don't understand.
Like you give access to IE and what happens if some bad file on your PC tries to say send your personal information using IE, firewall does not know more than that IE is to be allowed, so it will let it do what it wants.
This makes necessary that you never give global permissions or allow them to bypass permissions everytime. Doesn't matter if you have to but then you know when you allow them and with close of browser, its blocked again.

Also, stress on having better browsers that just don't let other softwares or files to use them.

Going by firewalls, Zone Alarm is better than most in market. Free version is still a better firewall if you don't have funds to purchase their pro version.


Antivirus will stop viruses from destorying your PC or content but only when they are able to recognise virus as virus.
So, its necessary that you have a good anti-virus system in place which comes from company of repute and is updated frequently and also has strong shields and protections. If you have funds, Norton leads the race though people bother about it consumnig respurces, well its doing its job, let it do.

If you want free, AVGFree goes better than most.
AVast is also there, home edition but in my experience AVGFree rates better

Next thing you need is to stop ads getting nito your system and playing dirty. Ad-Aware along with Spybot S&D combined will take care of this. Both are free. Adware does have commercial version but free personal edition does serve the purpose.

Malware blocker
BHO (Browser Helping Objects) or Hijackers can rip your life at times when you sit with family and type google but hey it opens some porn site. No google has not bee hijacked rather your browser may have been. See any address you type, it opens only porn sites or unwanted sites.
Merijn tools are popular curatives for such.

Also, we at tiems do need Trojan blockers to prevent trojans from using you to do some unwanted activites.

Again, in short bette rprepared you are, more secure you will be and more relaible and faster your system will be


06-12-2012, 06:02 AM
When i do work on folder then its make my multiple same name folder what is doing there?